Moving Company in Fayetteville

Fayetteville is home to tranquil neighborhoods, quiet suburbs, and placid county estates.

Westover, Winter Park, Clairway, and Arran Lakes, for instance, are a few neighborhoods with an ample environment you will enjoy relocating to. This should, however, be done with an ideal moving company.

Also, you need a company that assures and puts all your interests first before relocating. A company that is driven to help Fayetteville residents relocate efficiently at “normal costs.”

That is why Carolina Childrens Home Moving should be your company of choice.

Moving in Fayetteville

Why Should You Consider Us?

Today, residents and homeowners in Fayetteville require a trustworthy and licensed moving company that guarantees efficient relocation services. At A+ Moving Company, we are driven by a motto that says, “Serving All Residents with Highest Importance.”

Over the years, we have been branded “a company with the best customer care service.” But this should not be the only reason to make you consider our services.

Here are the 3 main reasons that make us stand out from the rest.

  • Experience

Carolina Childrens Home Moving is an experienced Fayetteville moving service company with over 15 years in the relocation industry. With this experience, we have successfully relocated residential, commercial, and warehouse establishments in Fayetteville. Also, the massive experience has made us understand everything involved before and after the relocation assignment.

  • Eco-friendly Moving Services

At Carolina Childrens Home Moving, we focus on providing eco-friendly moving services. We use reusable plastics, as opposed to the carton boxes used by other moving companies. Carton boxes have, for the longest time, been used when moving. However, they create a huge mess to the environment, if not disposed of accordingly.

Our plastic crates, luckily, are durable and can carry all your household equipment safely – including kitchenware and other fragile equipment.

After a move, our staff will unpack your items from the crates, and these crates will be used again in our next relocation assignment. These crates will not be disposed of like the carton boxes. And this is not all, you can hire our bio-degradable plastic crates cheaply if you have any personal project. Call us today to get the rates we offer for our plastic crates.

  • Commercial & Residential services

If you have been looking for a company in Fayetteville that offers commercial & residential relocation services, then you have come to the right place. Carolina Childrens Home Moving offers commercial & residential moving services whether you are moving from Woods Edge or Williams village.

Moving Company in Fayetteville

What Do We Say About The Cancellation Policy?

Apart from offering quality services to our clients, we, as a partner of A Plus Moving, have a cancellation policy that protects Fayetteville residents.

As a homeowner, you might have made prior arrangements for a move with a relocation company, but unfortunately, encounter unavoidable circumstances along the way. These circumstances might make you consider canceling the move.

Hence, you should be prepared for this to happen.

At Carolina Childrens Home Moving, we have a cancellation policy to protect you when situations like these arise. Thus, understand it first before depositing funds in our accounts. Give us a call today and get the best service at affordable rates.